1Almoez Mahdi, 1Syed Mahmood, 1Alaaeldin Ginawi, 1Greg Ramjas

1Nottingham University Hospitals Nhs Trust, Nottingham, United Kingdom


Case Report:

Ectopic varices are large portosystemic collaterals in locations other than the gastroesophageal region. They account for up to 5% of all variceal bleeding; however, haemorrhage can be massive, with mortality reaching up to 40%. Bleeding from gastrointestinal ectopic varices is not necessarily associated with bleeding from oesophageal or gastric varices. Significant gastrointestinal and intraperitoneal bleeding with high mortality resulting from intestinal varices is an unusual portal hypertension presentation.

We describe our clinical experience in treating three cases with portal hypertension who presented with bleeding ectopic varices (Lienorenal, distal ileum and 3rd part of duodenum). In this poster, we review the prevalence, etiopathogenesis, anatomy, presentation, and diagnosis of ectopic varices with emphasis on our experience of management of these ectopic varices.