1Rawan Abdullah Alharbi, 1Mohammad Arabi, 1Khalid Ahmed Almasar

1King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


This research attempts to retrospectively assess the safety of percutaneous image-guided gastrostomy tube in patients with VP shunts.

Material(s) and Method(s):

This is a retrospective study of adult and pediatric patients with VP shunts who underwent gastrostomy tube placement in KAMC, Riyadh since 2008- till present.

Data will be retrieved from the Radiology Information System and Hospital electronic medical records.


During this period, percutaneous image-guided gastrostomy tube inserted in patients with VP shunts was identified in 27 patients (13 male, 14 female).

Their age ranged from 1 to 84 years.

Gastropexy was used in 4 patients during insertion of the gastrostomy tube.

The distance was estimated between the VP shunt tip and the gastrostomy tube ranged from (2.6 – 20 cm)

Complications were observed in 4 patients (the first patient had extra-axial collection 3 months after insertion the gastrostomy, the second one had peritoneal hematoma and migration of VP shunt 5 years after insertion the gastrostomy, the third patient infected ascites few months after insertion the gastrostomy), all these complications are most likely not related to  Gastrostomy procedure.


Placement of percutaneous image guided gastrostomy tube in patients with VP shunts is feasible and safe.