1Khawaja Bilal Waheed, 1Hassan Rezwan Mohammed

1King Fahad Military Medical Complex, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


To highlight estimation of May-Thurner Syndrome in patients with left sided DVT and utility of endovascular intervention

Material(s) and Method(s):

A retrospective study was performed in radiology department at our Hospital in Dhahran including all patients with documented left sided DVTs and subsequent computed tomographies between Jan. 2005 to 2020. Patients with bilateral DVTs, prior pelvic masses, hypercoagubility, and limited studies were excluded. MTS was labelled if more than 50% luminal stenosis of left proximal common iliac vein by right common iliac artery was seen on CT studies. Non visualized left common iliac vein with collaterals was also recorded and considered chrinic MTS. Chi square test was used to determine any association.


43/283 patients were positive for left sided DVTs. Out of these, 16 had CT imaging available and 10 were found to have MTS. 8/10 patients had venoplasty and stenting, while 2 had chronic MTS with failed venous intervention


Patients with unilateral left sided DVTs should be investigated further to look for MTS that may benefit from endovascular stenting.