2Samah Melebari, 1Almamoon I. Justaniah

1King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 2King Abdullah Medical City, Makkah, Saudi Arabia



To demonstrate how to mold your own interventional radiology (IR) phantom with readily available tools

-To simulate ultrasound (US)-guided biopsy in patients

-To simulate US-guided vascular access in patients

Material(s) and Method(s):

The utilization of simulation in clinical training and exams is vital. Simulation labs, tools and manikin are costly. At times, fabricating a cost-effective and reproducible mold becomes essential. This will allow for a safe and enjoyable training, without compromising patient safety.


A stepwise approach will be provided to demonstrate how to create a phantom for US-guided procedures. Materials will be listed. A guide will be provided. Images will be shown to demonstrate how it works in practice. Tips and tricks will be laid out. Teaching points will be emphasized.


Providing students and rotating trainees with simulation molds to practice US-guided procedures may attract them to IR and make their rotation enjoyable. For IR trainees, the mold can be used to improve their skills and give them confidence before they perform procedures on patients.