1Fadi Massad, 1Omran Almekdad, 1Rhoanne Bravo, 1Armando Munar, 1Raphael Alimpoos, 1Fouad Hammad, 1Rhea Venun Biton, 1Soumya Jose

1Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar



A cross Hamad Medical Corporation we set out to improve patient flow in IR suite by reducing patient staying time in IR recovery room by 40% (from 33.7 minutes to 20 minutes).

Material(s) and Method(s):

From July 2019 to January 2021, data including staying time and the reasons of the delay in IR recovery room were collected by monitoring patients staying in IR recovery room.

Data initially collected for the first 50 patients during a period of 3 months. Then, data of 1240 patients were collected after creating data collection tool monitoring.


The data collected from the first 50 patients showed the average staying time of 33.7 minutes in IR recovery room. After implementing data collection tool monitoring, 868 of 1240 patients (70%) met our target which is 20 minutes.

Delays were related to: admitting patient in recovery room while the procedure room engaged with another patient, informed consent form needed more time to be secured by the performing physician, patients needed anesthesia while anesthesia team engaged with another case, admitting patient while the performing physician engaged with another procedure or not available.


Creating data collection tool monitoring can significantly reduce the patients staying time in IR recovery room and improve patient flow in IR suite.