1Tarek Sendi, 1Chaker Jaber, 1Mouna Bousnina, 1Khedija Soumer, 1Amine Jemel

1Service De Chirurgie Cardiovasculaire Et Thoracique Aberrahmen Mami, Ariana, Tunisia

Case Report:

Since its appearance last December in China, the coronavirus-19 disease has continuously amazed scientists around the world. It is a complex viral pathology with multiple faces. Here, we report that coronavirus 19 is certainly a disease of the lungs but also of the vessels. It is a vasculitis that can worsen rapidly. This study is a pioneer illustration of the first two cases reported to the world of patients with coronavirus presenting a deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs associated with bilateral ischemia of the limbs (i.e. bilateral arterial occlusion of the upper limbs for the first patient and the lower ones for the second patient). The study raises the importance of looking for signs of thrombotic complications for prevention and avoidance