1Mohammad Zuber Mohammad Zakir, 1Pritam Chatterjee, 1R Ravikumar

1Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India


To study the various approach, technical aspects with treatment outcome in superselective Intraarterial chemotherapy for Intraocular retinoblastoma

Material(s) and Method(s):

Our study was a prospective study over a period of 3 years which included 165 subjects suffering from various stages of retinoblastoma. We used superselective ostium catherisation for intraarterial chemotherapy. Most commonly used approach was opthlamic artery; however in some cases middle meningeal artery approach was used.


Among 165 patients there was complete regression of the tumour in 38 patients. the total radiation dose was 3-8 mGy, average procedural time was < 10 min. total contrast usage < 10ml. Intraarterial chemotherapy forms a main stay in treatment of retinoblastoma and helps in globe salvage further decreasing the morbidity. Post intra arterial chemotherapy there was decrease in tumour counts, vitreal seeding etc. No major local/ vascular complications were seen. transient pancytopenia was seen in few of the cases


Intraarterial chemotherapy is a minimally invasive and safe technique for salvaging the eye in cases of retinoblastoma. Intraarterial chemotherapy forms the mainstay in treatment of ocular retinoblastoma